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Committee Resources

User Guide - Account Creation & Management: This guide is intended for first time users looking to create a user account and existing users looking for step by step instructions on how to manage multiple committees as a single account.

User Guide - Filing a Designation of Treasurer: After creating an account, this guide will walk you through the system on how to begin filing a Designation of Treasurer as well as explain the process for the treasurer and deputy treasurer electronic signature to acknowledge their appointment and responsibilities.

User Guide - Updating Committee Information/DOT: This guide will walk existing entities step by step on how to change treasurers, add a deputy treasurer, or update committee contact information by filing an updated designation of treasurer.

User Guide - Creating and Submitting Campaign Finance Reports: This guide takes you step by step through filing a campaign finance report. Whether you need to enter contributions, expenditures, loans, debts, or other income, each section is designed to help you stay organized, but show you how to jump around if you so choose.

The Campaign Finance Handbook assists all reporting entities in navigating the various regulatory paths established by Ohio law. Each of the handbook's chapters discusses specific entity types or areas of campaign finance activity and can serve as a map for the reader to understand each area of regulation and reporting applicable to their circumstance.

For questions on filing deadlines and reporting periods, see the Reporting Deadline Calendars

Anyone can be a target of hacking. On the Secretary’s Campaign Cybersecurity Resources website you will find valuable tools that will help candidates and campaigns reduce their risk and be better prepared to respond to cybersecurity incidents.

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Board of Election Resources

Board User Guide – Board Account Creation: This guide is for employees of the boards of elections needing to establish their user accounts to view and manage their county’s committees.

Board User Guide – Committee Account Review & Approval: This guide walks a board employee through the review and approval, redirection, or rejection of a designation of treasurer. The designation of treasurer approval establishes the committee in the system and allows filing data to be publicly displayed on the local committee disclosure website.

Board User Guide – Board Review-Print Report Process: This guide details the process after a committee files a report electronically, from receiving the automated notification email, to finding the report, and opening it for review, printing, or saving.

Board of Election – Audit Checklist: This checklist is designed for use by the board of elections in their examination of filed reports.